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Lazy-load a component in Angular without routing

November 25, 2021
9 min. read
One of the most seeking features in Angular is to lazy load a component when you need it. It is a very straightforward procedure through routing that is well documented. But, what if you do not want to use the router or you want to lazy load a component programmatically through your code?
One of the most common web app patterns involves collecting data from a form and submitting it to a REST API or, the opposite, populating a form from data originating from a REST API. This pattern can easily be achieved in Alpinejs using the native javascript Fetch Api. As a bonus, I describe the fetch async version at the end of the article.
One of the most frequent requirements when writing AlpineJs components is the communication between them. There are various strategies for how to tackle this problem. This article describes the four most common patterns that help pass information between different Alpinejs components.
Vue’s primary motivation behind the introduction of Composition API was a cost-free mechanism for reusing logic between multiple components or apps. Is there a way to use that approach for AlpineJs without sacrificing its simplicity?
A recurring theme of many articles about Windows 10, far from the truth, is the lack of alternative native shells and terminals or the lack of their capabilities. In this article, meet the Yori shell, a modern alternative to Command Shell (CMD). The first article of series about shells, terminals, and various modern tools replacement for Windows.
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