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Wow, a whole page about me!

Konstantinos Zagoris
Lecturer in Databases and Distributed Systems, University of Neapolis, Pafos, Cyprus
Ph.D. at Democritus University of Thrace, Greece

I always loved programming, but during my student years, academic life grabbed me. Therefore, I got my Ph.D. in image processing and especially in handwritten historical document image processing based on pattern recognition and machine learning. Diligently, I followed the academic road with 10 journals and 40 conferences, earned 800 citations (based on google scholar), and managing 4 research programs. Currently, I am Lecturer at Neapolis University Pafos in Cyprus, teaching programming and database design.

Alongside this, my deep and genuine love for programming never diminished. I pursued the lonely remote-based freelance/consultant road taking, on the one hand, many different and demanding and, on the other hand, so fulfilling programming jobs. This sharped my technical skills alongside the most essential, which is the skill of communication.

The Witty Programming is a desire to log my knowledge, like a diary for me, and maybe help other programmers to tame their inner fears; the most challenging obstacle about programming. Therefore, the blog involved some aspects of my interests:

  • frontends, mainly Vue.js, Angular, and Alpine.js.
  • .NET Core/C# (my favorite programming language)
  • Databases
  • Various architectural design choices
  • Technical-based programming solutions based on recent research for the related topic. (Pattern Recognition, Deep Learning, etc.)